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A staircase can make a stunning focal point to any house. It’s often the first thing people see when they come in – and getting it right can create a real ‘wow’ factor.

Here at Riverside Joinery, we specialise in staircases and can offer a choice of quality woods and a huge range of styles. We can assist you from the design onwards, and if you’ve already got your specification, we’ll be happy to make sure it meets the latest building regulations.

Our staircases are made using the latest technology, which means we can guarantee accuracy. Our customers tell us that their on-site carpenters praise the way our stair components always fit together correctly first time and don’t need to be adjusted - saving you valuable time and money.

Our hi-tech machinery also allows us to produce bulk quantities of any staircase or component part in an amazingly quick time – one of the reasons various well-known house builders choose to work with us time and time again.

Should any of the parts become damaged on site, we’ll be able to make you an accurate replacement in no time and with little extra cost, as our computers will have stored your specification when making the original.


top of staircaseview of staircaselooking down at staircasebottom of staircaseclose up of base close up of bannisterLooking up at staircaseview looking down at staircase

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